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Outdoor Travel and Adventure Tips from Experts.

Our mission here at Outdoor Travel and You is to help as many people as possible create their perfect adventure within their outdoor travel expeditions.

I do this by adding in my own expertise and knowledge to answer questions and provide problems with detailed guides so that you can find the answers you need as quickly as possible.

My qualifications within this space come with certifications such as my advanced scuba certification from PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors), and my ventures around the world from the Middle East, North America, and the Pacific Islands.

Meet Our Team of Experts

Below is a bio for each writer and contributor to the Outdoor Travel and You team to provide their expertise and authority in their designated industry.

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Cameron – Founder, Editor, Product Reviewer

I have been testing and reviewing products since 2011.

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I have reviewed and tested all sorts of products and services over the years and now I focus on reviewing products for travel and the outdoors to help people make the best purchasing decision possible.

I really enjoy getting into the details to assist people making the most memorious and/or comfortable adventure or vacation as possible.

Within this past decade I have traveled around the world and have spent extensive time in the Middle East as well as the Pacific Islands. During this travel I have gotten certification within the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) as well as my Private Pilots License. I have gone through countless hikes, fishing excursions (to include deep sea), diving expeditions, snorkeling (for over two decades), and many other miscellaneous adventure activities.

My other roles here at Outdoor Travel & You is to decide which topics to cover, place my own value and experience within the space, find expert writers to provide the best quality content, and to perform the final edits so that you can find the answers you need quickly.