What Are the Safety Guidelines for Snorkeling with Kids?

Kids Snorkeling While One uses a PFD

Expert: Cameron – I have been snorkeling for over two decades through salt and fresh water. With my family, I have gone through and prepared specific guidelines when we head to our snorkeling trips. I have incorporated behavior, safety, and rules that must be followed and with over a decade of managing these guidelines I … Read more

Children Snorkeling: Potential Risks and How to Handle Them?

Potential Safety Risks and Beach Rules

Expert: Cameron – I have been snorkeling for over two decades through salt and fresh water. Throughout these years of snorkeling I have gathered all risks associated with snorkeling in general and snorkeling when related to my children. I can say there are some different points to bring up and can conclude that I am … Read more

How to Make Snorkeling with Kids Fun and Educational?

Children Getting Ready to Snorkel with a Sign Saying Snorkeling for Kids

To make snorkeling with kids both fun and educational, start with comfortable gear and practice in safe waters. Teach them about marine life and conservation. Use games like underwater treasure hunts to spark interest. Always ensure safety with proper supervision and flotation devices

What to Bring on a Snorkeling Trip or Tour

Snorkel Gear Inside

Expert: Cameron – I have been snorkeling for over two decades through salt and fresh water. I have incorporated my snorkeling skills to translate to scuba diving for which I have been certified for over 3 years now. Throughout the years of snorkeling I have acquired and used dozens of different snorkeling equipment that I … Read more

How to Wear a Snorkel Mask with Facial Hair

Man Wearing Snorkel Mask with Facial Hair

Choosing the right snorkel mask for bearded snorkelers involves finding a mask with a high-grade silicone skirt for a snug fit, considering full-face masks for a firm seal, and testing different masks for individual beard types. Essential for a leak-free experience, even with facial hair.

What Are the Different Types of Snorkel Masks for Adults?

Two Snorkel Masks Lying on the Beach

Wondering what different kind of snorkel masks are out there for your to choose from? In this article we break down and explain all of the different types and variations of snorkel masks so you have all the information you need when going out to purchase your own.

Choosing the Right Snorkel Mask for Your Face Shape

Snorkel Mask

This comprehensive guide discusses the importance of choosing the right mask based on face shape, highlights the differences between traditional and full-face masks, and offers practical advice on factors to consider, such as lens type and mask fit.

Are You Able To Snorkel While Wearing Contact Lenses?

Woman on Beach Holding a Contact Lens

Wearing contact lenses under your snorkel mask is possible and can significantly enhance your underwater viewing experience. However, it’s essential to recognize the risks associated with this practice, such as the potential for eye infections, lens damage, or loss, and general discomfort.

Everything You Need to Know About Snorkeling

Snorkeler in Vibrant Ocean

In this comprehensive guide on snorkeling we cover absolutely everything to do with the topic. Beginning from snorkeling for beginners, the gear you need, safety guidance, benefits you will gain, travel destinations, and marine life identification during your snorkel session.