Editorial and Research Policy

Outdoor Travel & You is committed to providing you with the best content for help as many people as possible create their perfect adventure within their outdoor travel expeditions that you will find anywhere online.

Our Editorial and Research Policies form the principles upon which we create and publish content in order to reach the highest standards that we can.

Here’s an overview of how our Editorial and Research Policies work.

Our Editorial Policy

Before publishing our content, it must adhere to the following 9 principles as far as is practically possible:

1: Accurate – we strive to present information that’s true and reliable.

2: Actionable – we aim to create content that has practical value.

3: Comprehensive – we try to cover all of the points relevant to the topic.

4: Concise – we omit fluff and get to the point in as few words as possible.

5: Fair – we aim to represent products, companies, and information without bias.

6: Original – we contact industry experts to source primary information and raw data.

7: User-focused – we prioritize user intent and requirements over self-interest.

8: Unique – we do not plagiarize or spin content.

9: Verifiable – we cite credible sources to back our claims.


If you feel that a piece of content doesn’t adhere to these principles then you can express your concerns here and we will take the steps required to rectify the issue as far as is practically possible.

Our Research Policy

In order to meet our editorial principles, we apply the following research process:

I do this by adding in my own expertise and knowledge to answer questions and provide problems with detailed guides so that you can find the answers you need as quickly as possible.

What Makes Us Unique?

Our website is here to provide the safest and most accurate knowledge available when it comes to our users and them implementing any and all information found within the site. You will not find another site that brings together industry expertise and personal experience in a way that you can implement easily and efficiently to whatever your endeavor is.


Whilst we continue to strive for excellence and create the best content possible, there are some limitations – which include the following points.

Honest mistakes are possible – we are real people doing real research and spend many long hours typing, recording videos, and making images; which means that we may make mistakes in our reporting and/or content creation. The Editorial Policy has been put in place to combat such mistakes as far as is practically possible.

Content can become outdated – products that we have reviewed may no longer be available or undergo changes with time. We aim to correct mistakes and update our content as soon as we are aware of any inaccuracies, as well as conducting an annual review of all our content to make sure it’s up to date.

Not all products will suit everyone – products may differ in their performance relative to an individual’s characteristics. Therefore you should keep in mind that whilst our recommendations are made with the best intentions, you may find that a certain product doesn’t turn out to be suitable for you. Please consult with as many relevant and credible sources as possible before making a purchasing decision – you should also check the return policy for all products on the merchant’s website for recourse if required.

Contact Us

If you need to get in touch with us for any reason, then the best way to do this is by using the information on this page.