What Are the Different Types of Snorkel Masks for Adults?

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Expert: Cameron – I have snorkeled for over two decades and have been a PADI certified diver for over three years. I have gone through countless variations of snorkeling masks over my decades or being in the water. From traditional masks, full face masks, and even prescription masks; I have used and tested all the variations.

Snorkel masks vary with two base types, including traditional and full-face designs.

Traditional masks feature a low-volume design and separate nose pocket, while full-face masks offer a wide view and dry snorkel system.

What are the different types of snorkel masks you can choose from?

Traditional snorkel masks provide a design with silicone skirts, tempered glass lenses for durability, and anti-fog coatings for clear views. They offer customizable fits with adjustable straps. Full-face snorkel masks feature a panoramic view, dry top system to prevent water entry, enhancing the snorkeling experience with their innovative design.

Considerations for choosing a mask include fit, lens type, and comfort.

What Are the Different Types of Snorkel Masks?

Different Types of Snorkeling Masks

Snorkel masks come in various types, including traditional masks and full-face snorkel masks, each offering unique features and benefits.

Traditional masks typically consist of a separate nose pocket, providing a low-volume design for easy equalization and a wide field of view for better visibility underwater.

On the other hand, full-face snorkel masks have gained popularity for their innovative design that covers the entire face, allowing for both breathing and viewing through a single integrated piece.

These masks often feature a dry snorkel system that prevents water from entering the mask, enhancing comfort and safety for the user.

Full-face masks usually offer a wider field of vision compared to traditional masks, providing a more immersive underwater experience while snorkeling.

Traditional Snorkel Masks

Traditional snorkel masks feature a classic design with a silicone skirt for a comfortable seal, tempered glass lenses for durability, anti-fog coatings to prevent condensation, and adjustable straps for a customized fit.

These masks encompass two window snorkel mask, single frame snorkel mask, and panoramic snorkel mask.

The silicone skirt on these masks plays a crucial role in creating a watertight seal around the face, preventing water from seeping in.

This material is soft against the skin yet firm enough to maintain a secure you snorkel mask fit during underwater exploration.

The lenses are crafted from tempered glass, offering superior strength and resistance to scratches, ensuring clear visibility under the water’s surface.

Anti-fog treatments applied to the lenses help to maintain a clear field of vision by minimizing snorkel mask fog, allowing you to enjoy uninterrupted views of the marine world.

Adjustable straps provide versatility in terms of fit, enabling users to customize the mask for comfort and security.

Two Window Snorkel Mask

Two Window Snorkel Mask

A Two Window Snorkel Mask is like a pair of goggles that cover your eyes and nose, split into two sections (or “windows”) with a frame in the middle.

This design helps the snorkel mask fit snugly on different face shapes, making it easier to see underwater.

It’s kind of like wearing sunglasses with a nose cover that stops water from getting in, but with two lenses instead of one.

Single Frame Snorkel Mask

Foggy Snorkel Mask

A Single Frame Snorkel Mask is a bit different because it has one big window made of glass or plastic that covers both your eyes and nose.

There’s no middle frame dividing the view, so it feels more open and you can see more of the underwater world around you.

It’s like a big, clear shield in front of your face that lets you see everything at once, without any bars or lines in the way.

Panoramic Snorkel Mask

Panoramic Snorkel Mask

The Panoramic Snorkel Mask takes seeing underwater to the next level.

It not only covers your eyes and nose like the other masks but also has extra windows on the sides.

This design gives you a wider view, almost like a wrap-around effect, so you can see more of the ocean without turning your head.

Imagine wearing a helmet with clear walls all around your head; that’s how a panoramic mask works, giving you a super wide view.

Prescription Snorkel Mask

Prescription Snorkel Mask

For people who wear need glasses when snorkeling, a Prescription Snorkel Mask is a game-changer.

It’s customized with prescription lenses built into the mask, just like your eyeglasses, so you can see underwater just as well as you do on land.

This means you don’t have to worry about blurry sights or missing out on the beautiful underwater scenes.

It’s like having your glasses built into your snorkeling mask, making everything clear and sharp.

Each of these masks has its special features designed to make your underwater adventure as amazing as possible, whether you need a clearer view, a wider perspective, or a custom fit for your vision needs!

Full-face Snorkel Masks

Full Face Snorkel Mask

Full-face snorkel masks offer a panoramic view underwater with a wide field of vision, a dry top system to prevent water entry, a purge valve for easy clearing, and a silicone skirt for a comfortable and leak-proof seal.

These masks are designed to provide an immersive snorkeling experience, allowing users to enjoy crystal-clear views without any obstruction.

The wide field of vision enables snorkelers to see the underwater world in all its glory.

The dry top mechanism ensures that water stays out, even when diving beneath the surface, offering peace of mind and enhancing safety.

The purge valve feature allows for quick and effortless water clearance, so you can continue exploring without interruption.

The soft silicone skirt not only creates a snug and comfortable fit but also prevents leaks, making long snorkeling sessions a breeze.

With these innovative features, full-face snorkel masks elevate the snorkeling experience to new heights.


In article we went through the two types of snorkel masks with traditional and full faced.

Within the traditional snorkel mask we highlighted single lens, two windowed, and panoramic masks.

Along with these variations you can also have prescription lenses made for your mask if you have vision impairment.

After this we dove into the factors to consider when purchasing a mask as well as why choosing the right mask for you is important.

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